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Event Nanoscale matter and hydrogen
Prof. Dr. Yovka Dragieva, DSci lectures on the importance of hydrogen in nanoscale systems.
Event Phase transitions in systems with anisotropic interactions
Seminar presented by Vesselin Tonchev.
Event Science on Physon
Seminar presented by Dr. Hristo Iliev and Assist. Prof. Dr. Stoyan Pisov
Event The Spectrum of Electromagnetic Jets from Kerr Black Holes and Naked Singularities in the Teukolsky Perturbation Theory
Seminar presented by PhD student Denitsa Staicova.
Event The unique properties of matter at the nanoscale
A talk from the Faculty of Physics series of scientific seminars will be given by Prof. Dr. Ana Proykova, DSc.
Event "Intermolecular Coulombic Decay: theory and experiments"
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Lorenz Cederbaum, d.h.c.
Event "Searching for a Needle in a Haystack with a Quantum Computer" (Grover's quantum search algorithm)
Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Vitanov
Event "Coupling and chemical modification in carbon nanosystems"
Seminar presented by Dr. Luc Henrard
Event Calculation of electron density using Wigner functions
Seminar presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Stoyan Pisov
Event The unique properties of matter at the nanoscale
Seminar presented by Prof. Dr. Ana Proykova